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M. Sami Okumus (Ph.D. in television, docent in cinema) graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations as an honor student in 2011. He completed his master's degree at Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema in 2016, also as an honor degree, and his doctorate in the same department in 2020 as a high honor degree. As of April 2024, he was designated as an associate professor of cinema.


As of 2017, he continues his academic and administrative duties as a faculty member at Istanbul Marmara University, he is also a DoP, director, and producer who for the past twenty years of his career has specialized in creating cinematic images with Canon DSLRs.

Independent projects are essential to M. Sami and he splits his time between academic works/writings in cinema-television and independent movie projects. One of his independent short fiction film projects was “Der Turke Aus Deutschland ANTICASANOVA” (2013) which was sent to screen at several distinguished film festivals around the world also his last project is called "From Hareket to Dergah a Publisher Story: Places and People", a feature-length documentary film project that took about five years to work, was released with a special screening ceremony on October 1, 2021, at Marmara University.

In addition to providing consultancy services to various companies in the private sector in the field of corporate communication and management, he also provided advisory counseling to the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), the state's public broadcasting organization, in the field of Cinema Film Broadcasting Consultancy for TRT2 Channel.

M. Sami has published three research books about cinema and television. In addition to continuing his work on research and translation book projects, he is also maintaining his feature film scenario project. 

The basic fields of study are Turkish cinema, literary adaptations, film analysis, TV series, historical series, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), and documentary films.

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